Our Journey

In September 2015, some young adults from Connecticut traveled down to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis while here on his visit to the US. We had an unforgettable experience of encountering Christ in one another, through our Holy Father’s message, and through the grace of that pilgrimage. Each of us felt deeply compelled by the Holy Spirit to answer the call of our Holy Father as he invited us to become “missionary disciples of Jesus Christ!” Upon returning home, we were filled with joy and gratitude for what the Lord was doing in our lives. We began meeting every Thursday night after hours at a faith-based Physical Therapy clinic in Columbia, CT and then to local church on the Uconn campus. Over time, it became clear that the Lord was inviting us to form an intentional community of young adults who could fall more deeply in love with Him through adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and through the experience of authentic friendship. The community has continued to grow both in number and in depth of relationship, and there are now several chapters that meet every week. The call to deeper relationship with Jesus and one another has been the constant theme and driving force from the very beginning. This central focus on relationship – with Christ and with one another – is central to what it means to be Catholic, especially as a young adult in the world today. As a community, we feel inspired and overjoyed to embrace this call to missionary discipleship with the help of God’s grace and in full and faithful obedience to the Catholic Church.


The name of this Catholic community of young adults is Crossroads 4 Christ. And we are filled with joy to invite all young adults to join us in responding here and now to the incredible love that God has for us in the person of Jesus Christ. Our lives have been changed through encountering Christ regularly in Eucharistic adoration and in authentic, Christ-centered friendship. We have been given a deep passion and conviction to live out this mission of “forming intentional community through Eucharistic adoration and Christ-centered friendship”. Through prayer, support, or active participation we want to invite you to join us!