Mission Statement

The mission of Crossroads 4 Christ is to develop intentional communities of young adult missionary disciples through Christ-centered friendship and Eucharistic adoration.


What does it mean?


Intentional Communities

As opposed to situational or circumstantial ways we engage with others (i.e. work life, some of our social circles, etc.), we intentionally decide to join together to form community. We decide to make an investment in one another’s lives. We choose to love, because we have first been loved and drawn into the family that is the Church, sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.


The Church is constantly in a state of mission as Pope Francis has reminded us. We open wide the invitation to anyone who is seeking, anyone who is desiring more than what this world has to offer. We feel called to go out and encounter any young adult who is open to learning more about faith, about who Jesus is, about what it means to love and be loved.


When Jesus first established His Church through Peter and the Apostles, He commissioned them to go throughout the whole world “making disciples of all nations.” We joyfully receive this call and our compelled by the Great Commission to walk this journey of faith side-by-side learning to follow Jesus in our everyday lives.

Christ-centered friendship

As John Paul II says, we “find ourselves in the gift of self”. Experiencing the grace of friendship is one of the greatest gifts God gives to us. There is nothing like sharing Christ’s love together as friends! A particular grace of this community, is the ongoing invitation and encouragement of “authentic friendship in Christ” to grow and develop.

Eucharistic Adoration

There are several beautiful ways to pray and different means by which God is present to us. However, in a very special way, Jesus is made fully present in the Eucharist. He calls us to come close to Him, to be with Him, to be loved by Him, to share in a deep, transformative, incredible relationship with Him. He calls us from His Eucharistic heart. And we desire to respond by spending time with Him regularly in the Blessed Sacrament. This is the primary goal for us – to be a community of believers who are falling in love with Jesus in the Eucharist, allowing Him to love us and transform our hearts, and then loving all the people in our lives with that same love.